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Mobile Home Wealth For years, mobile homes have been the butt of jokes and definitely under the radar of most real estate investors. Yet for a small but growing group of savvy investors, they have become a tremendous asset. Written by one of the top professionals in the business, “Mobile Home Wealth “is an easy-to-understand book that can guide you to one of the most lucrative investments in real estate. The author begins by presenting the basic principles and practices of real estate investing. He then applies these principles to mobile homes, covering every step of the investment process from choosing a home to financing the purchase, negotiating the price, improving the p…

Government approves 0.5% tax on mobile money

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By : Ari Herstand

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Popular The Dealmaker s Ten Commandments: Business Tips and Tactics from the Trenches of Hollywood Full

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The Dealmaker s Ten Commandments provides a practical, no-nonsense methodology for negotiating deals, managing your time and handling crisis, all at the highest level. Authored by one of the entertainment industry s most beloved success stories, prominent transactional attorney and former child actor, Jeff B. Cohen, created The Dealmaker s Ten Commandments to overcome resistance and achieve his goals without losing his soul along the way. Although developed in Hollywood, the real world tactics, strategies and guiding principles are vital for any business environment.

L’animal curieux semble être un véritable amateur de viande.
Dans une boucherie à Manisa en Turquie, un chat prend l’allure d’un client en se tenant debout face à la vitrine. Amusé, le boucher lui propose plusieurs viandes que le chat regarde avec envie. Le petit chanceux finira même par déguster un morceau.

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