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Hello, between Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing, which one is better? The short answer is affiliate marketing .

I just finished a school on buying and reselling internet domains for money. I have a few internet domains that get a lot of traffic.

The people that I learned from on domaining they don’t even put adsense on the domains. Instead they use the space to sale the domain itself.

I do the same for the domains I own.

There are a lot of negatives with Adsense. The biggest negative is you need a shit load of views to make any decent money. The math just does not work in your favor.

From 1000 Visitor you may earn $10 or maybe you earn $0.50. those are the numbers your looking at.

Your income also depends on the search engine finding your page. Plus, Google can change it’s policies at anytime and your income can disappear.

Google can also be very strict. If you make a mistake Google can suspend your Adsense account, this means terminated. All your money and hard work is gone.

So let’s talk about affiliate marketing and why it’s better than adsense. With affiliate marketing instead of putting ads on all of your blog or YouTube channel.

Let’s be honest, does anyone like ads? The only ads I pay attention to are the ones being shown at the Superbowl, that is it.

What you do instead is drive traffic to an optin page, where someone can get more information on a topic they are interested in.

Then they would optin in to a list. The cool thing about this list is you own the list. It is the most valuable asset online apart from a good domain name.

You get rich by owning assets. With this list you can promote a wide range of affiliate products. Some affiliate programs don’t pay a lot. Some you can make really good money with.

I’m talking a few thousand dollars per sale. Some maybe a few hundred. Some pay residual income. Compare that to a few pennies on Adsense and you can see clearly which is a better choice.

Here is the thing I think about. If you put ads on your blog or YouTube channel, won’t they just promote products and services? Why not do the same thing and make more money?

Work less and make more money.

You might be wondering, how about doing both. Promote Adsense and Affiliate Marketing? This reminds me of trying to step over dollars to pick up dimes.

Would you rather get someone on a list or make a few pennies from the visitor? Me I would rather spend a few pennies to get someone on me list for the chance to make a few thousand.

Enough about me. Have you tried to make money with Adsese? In the comments either right yes or No. If you have had you gotten good results from it?

One reason why someone may be using Adsense is they don’t know how to do affiliate marketing the right way. Taking a little bit of time, to learn how to do this the right way will make you a lot of money in

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