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LOWELL, MASSACHUSETTS — A 15-year-old teen and son of immigrant parents has been accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, after studying the university’s free courses for the past 10 years.

Ahaan Rungta and his family came to the United States from Calcutta when he was two years old. His family homeschooled Ahaan beginning when he was 5, using MIT’s free OpenCourseWare as the teaching material. An avid reader, Ahaan was eager to learn and couldn’t believe how much material was available.

For his 13th birthday, Ahaan and his family visited the MIT campus and his ambition “moved to another level”; he resolved he would one day attend the Ivy League university.

Seeing the potential of their budding genius, the Rungta family moved so they could be closer to Ahaan’s dream school. His father took a job at a cafeteria on campus.

Now Ahaan is enrolled in the Class of 2019. His only headache is declaring a major. “In an ideal world, I would want to major in everything,” he told MIT News.


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Although we’re called the Islamic Online University, our courses are not restricted to the Islamic courses. We offer courses in EDUCATION, banking and finance, courses in PSYCHOLOGY, business administration and information technology. So though we are called Islamic Online University, we offer these other disciplines and we offer them in a unique way because we are teaching them from an Islamic perspective.

So everything you study in psychology, for example, is studied from an Islamic point of view after looking at the western point of view.

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Según Variety, Twitter ha desvelado sus temas y tweets más destacados de 2018, con Lady Gaga, Barack Obama y BTS ofreciendo los tweets más populares.
El tweet sin sentido, pero relatable de Lady Gaga, de hace seis años se convierte en el tercer tweet más citado de 2018.
El texto resonó con los usuarios, muchos de los cuales pusieron su propio giro en el tweet.
El tweet del presidente Obama elogiando la lucha de los activistas adolescentes por el control de armas se convirtió en el segundo tweet más querido de 2018: a 1.6 millones de personas les gustó su mensaje elocuente.
La boyband BTS, se llevó el primer puesto cuando J-Hope, uno de sus miembros, hizo el popular desafío “In My Feelings Challenge”. El video de él bailando la canción de Drake en Twitter ha acumulado 1.7 millones de “me gusta”, por lo que es el tweet más querido del año.

Some people suffer from sleepwalking and sleep talking but according to a new survey, sleep texting is causing problems for college students. Buzz60’s Mercer Morrison has the story.

Reuters reports dozens of bomb threats were received on Thursday across the US. Alleged targets included news outlets, government buildings, banks and other businesses. The FBI has begun a query into the reported threats. A law enforcement official said a similar wave of threats to public buildings occurred about a year ago. The New York Police Department said via Twitter that it does not consider the threats to be credible at this time.

Mueller Destroyed Messages From Peter Strzok’s iPhone; OIG Recovers 19,000 New “FBI Lovebird” Texts
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