How do I add money to my virgin mobile account?

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Question by Just: How do I add money to my virgin mobile account?
I bought a 20 dollar 200 minutes card for my prepaid phone, but I am wondering why I can’t buy ringtones. When i tried to buy a ringtone, it says “account balance too low”.Isn’t it supposed to just take some $ off the $ 20 and lower my minutes??So how do I add money to my virgin mobile? Is there a different card?

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Answer by Pixie :]
I hate that company so much. They dont even have my phone number anymore and I bought a 30 dollar card.

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esurk411 says:

I think you can go online to add money onto your virgin mobile account. That was how it used to be.

fatikamus says:

You bought a $ 20 dollar minute pack. So those $ 20 dollars are ONLY for the minutes. So what you did was Top-up $ 20 then bought minutes with that money leaving you with $ 0 on your account. If you want to use your $ 20 dollars for minutes and want to buy ringtones, then you need to change your plan to 20 cents a minute because then it will subtract your purchases from the $ 20.

I don’t know if any of that made sense, it was confusing when i first got virgin mobile. But trust me, don’t leave Virgin Mobile yet, because when you understand it you will never want to quit virgin mobile.

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