What are ways to get a restaurant “green”?

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question Dan R : What are ways to get a restaurant “Green”
I work in a restaurant (Olive Garden) and I want to help make a greener place to work. We have been in a low flow filter and reduce our use of low voltage lighting, both inside and outside. What else can we do? The recommend is to recycle our bottles of wine, glasses for children, cardboard, etc., but I think there is something more we can do to make it green. Thanks Best answer:.


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Ricardo says:

Some green colored paint might work.

Croatian ♠ Angel says:

Use a green bin to recycle left over food scraps in order for them to compost instead of heading into the trash.

Anthony says:

Well you all should start carpooling and you should also switch to recycled paper cups instead foam cups and switch to recycled paper togo boxes. Also switching out plastic bags with recycled paper bags.
There are many other things people can do thx for doing your part in curing the earth!

Elspeth says:

Make food donations. That makes a huge difference to your ‘green-ness’ . Then compost the bio waste that you can;t give away.

Nin10dude says:

Try composting. Whatever napkins and food that customers don’t eat, you can put it into a bin and it will be made into nutrient-rich soil. You can also do the same with cooking oil, but i don’ know if you use enough for a dumpster.

sunflowerjean63 says:

Congratulations for being concerned about the environment! Recycle all you can, compost the leftover food rather than have it end up in a landfill and see if you can find someone who recycles cooking oil into something that fuels their car, etc. Keep up the good work!

Vegetarian Bloodsucker says:

recycle your stuff, use products made out of recycled stuff, separate the trash ( you know like in the blue cans and the green cans)

Jeff M says:

Probably the most important thing is to advertise your greeness. Many people would rather eat at a restaurant that is environmentally friendly that uses fresh products.

Saar says:

You can also try:

– Turn off restaurant equipment/electricity when not in use. Make it a habit to turn off air conditioner, the lights, and other electric gadgets when not in use or before going out.
– To make turning off lights easy, color-code light switches in your area.
– Use thermostats that may be programmed so that air conditioning and heat is turned down automatically at night or when not in use.
– Unplug to save electricity. Some appliances remain on standby and consume electricity even when turned off. Save power by unplugging at the end of the day.
– Provide water dispensers and mugs for the customers to eliminate use of plastic water bottles and disposable cups.
– Raise the air conditioning level to save 10% on your air conditioning bill.
– Open windows or shades when it is still light out to let the light in instead of turning on the lights. – Get plants. Place live plants in the restaurant to clean the air, also opt to place drought-resistant plants.
– Switch to low energy lights like energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs or LEDs (light emitting diodes).
– Save money by bulk buying.
– Ensure that new equipments like fax machines, telephones, and even the fridge have Energy Star ratings. An Energy Star rating means it has energy efficiency or 75% less power than standard incandescent lamps, cost efficiency or that it saves up to 30% in electricity costs in lamp life, and environment friendly or reduces emissions of pollutants including mercury.
– Always use non-toxic cleaning materials for all equipments.
– Sell waste products like steel, packing crates, commercial cardboard, glass, and sheetrock or construction waste instead of paying for landfills to take them away.
– Influence your suppliers to go green. Inquire about the greenness of the products which are sold to you.
– Smart meter. Have an energy-measuring system installed.
– Buy recycled products. Make it a choice to opt for purchasing recycled paper, toilet paper, canteen napkins, and products marked “recycled product” or “post consumer waste”.
– Use old computers for receiving incoming faxes. That way, you only have to print important documents.
– Get a grant for installing solar panels. Not only can you heat water with it, you may also charge your mobile phone with it.

Hope this helps!

Matt says:

Most cities will have a nearby factory that recycles cooking oil. If you contact them, they can pick it up.

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