The new GameKlip ™, now available for all Android phones!

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GameKlip ™ as your phone into a true full-size controller for a complete mobile gaming experience. The new GameKlip ™ is deployed in the games shown trigger death Madfinger Games Grand Theft Auto III by Rockstar Games
Video Score: 4/5

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Video Score: 4/5


Ashish Mundhra says:

What about HTC ONE X

elijah79924 says:

Is this a fake ad?

19DWK98 says:

do you have to roote your phone to use this GameKlip?

sirberner34 says:

Make one for my iPhone

Ahnad Doleh says:

does it work with Samsung galaxy s2

Ayad Salman says:

i like it its good for travelers

nugi gurasashvili says:

i am so buying this shit

AngryBearsHD says:

’69’ dislikes ;’)

SuperLibby99 says:

No because iPhones suck dick.

Jason Cruz says:


Veltoss Emakari says:

Sweet! My problem with most good mobile games like NOVA 3, Deadspace, etc is the controls, and how even with good controls you’re still blocking your screen. I just wish it wasn’t Sony making it, because I hate the PS3 controller style, but it’s better than nothing.

AiR1890 says:

as another person on here commented, the PS3 controller uses bluetooth, so its really easy to connect the PS3 controller to a phone such as the one above in the video. The Xbox 360 uses some different type of wireless connectivity, that isn’t as seamless to connect, as it is with bluetooth.

AiR1890 says:

its great, now I can finally play GTA on my phone how it was meant to be played.

1337wafflezz says:

Honestly I’m freaking out right now I don’t play PS3 too much but this is goddamn awesome!!!!! Using a physical controller PERIOD is such a huge step forward for mobile phones. Games are going to be over 9000 times easier to play

José Maria Maldonado Lopes says:

only for androids or iphones too???

Avatar512793 says:

It’s a cool product and I’m sure it’s better to use it at home or on a long trip. It would seem like a hassle to carry around a PS3 controller in your pocket.

Fernando Salazar says:


CleggyCool says:

It would be *very* difficult in terms of compatibility – the PS3 controller uses Bluetooth, which is why it can be used with rooted Android devices, however the Xbox controller uses a different form of wireless connection, and is therefore much harder to connect.

eatgluedrnkpaint says:

It wouldn’t matter if iPhone came out with something like this. They don’t have any damn games worth playing. I’m an iPhone and Xbox user. I regret both from time to time.

ShadowwwLFS says:

So you have stupid phone, and stupid console. Ain’t that great 😛

Nicanor Henriquez Chovet says:


Notputtingmynamehere whysosad says:

the only reason for that is the xbox controller is an unwieldy piece of shit.

CYellowan says:

How about NO.
Why this device is possible to get on this Android device is simply because of how little Natzi Samsung is about their phone, their software and their platforms.
This is why one should choose SMART rather than overpriced.

Lyndon Williams says:

Great job!

Anas Linux says:

this one cuz its dual core  😀 (FASTER)

Anas Linux says:

actual RAM is 797 but still amazing and better than i Phone

t0nytonyt0ny says:

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Armondi Stallworth says:

This by far

jocy13ro says:

between this one and the galaxy reverb which would u perfer?

katzlatz says:

Gosh I want a android cause my phone is stupid I hate it it’s touchscreen but I don’t like it

Phenom69ll says:

noot yeet : dolan:

check it out tho, has a 1080p 440 dpi, SnapDragon s4 4core chit, awesome and sexy design, its the EU/US version of the japanese Htc J Butterfly.

TheMrturn1 says:

No they all run ics

Uncle Ruckus says:

ew. this runs gingerbread. thats so 0.4235435890348953089120123743290283 seconds ago…

Uncle Ruckus says:

comes out tomorrow

Wilfried Rutten says:

never heard of this phone is it out?

Phenom69ll says:

HTC Droid DNA is the best.

BeMoGamer says:

Its an Android phone download go launcher.Have you forgotten that Android can let you choose :/

arthur84 says:

3g and 4g apply only to data, you dummy. The voice network is separate. You shouldn’t be reviewing phones if you don’t have a basic understanding of how they work.

r3ddevilfan says:

get a free mobile phone sim with £5 free credit on the cheapest mobile network in the UK simply by going to my channel and clicking on the link provided 🙂

TheReznov123 says:

It’s amazing I just hate HTC sense. -_-

jennyteenyful says:

My dad is getting this for me ^_^ I Hate to wait

randomstuff5409 says:

I love how a year ago a duel core processor was a “screamer” and now quad core is just the norm for a high end smartphone.

dustin741 says:

no 1080p, kinda stupid if you ask me. Why spend so much time developing a phone with a spectroscopic 3d display and TWO cameras just for it to record in 720p. To me if you going to go all out on a phones camera at least make it full HD. Another thing that kinda bugs me is why combine the hdmi and micro usb port together. Now you have to buy a MHL cord that cost more than a normal micro hdmi cord. I don’t know just kinda weird to me. Other than the little things tho I still love this damn phone.

Jasmine Pinedo says:

I can’t wait to get mine! Mine with virgin mobile ! Christmas better hurry up and get here!

Phenom69ll says:

Ew lol sense 3 looks so bad, glad I have a sense 4 theme :0

anandva91 says:

i bought an evo 3d recently.its fine but im not able to play the 3d youtube videos in stereoscopic 3d that i found by searching for ‘yt3d’.instead they just play side by side.what could be the problem?

Robert Alari says:

try getting a task killer. Set it to kill apps when you turn the screen off. I had the slow problem until i got a task killer. Helped with battery and speed.

jaymikeyyy1 says:

My HTC Sensation is better

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