How do I start my own home child care business?

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issue butterflywings208 : How do I start my own home child care business
I moved to Oak Lawn, and I have a daughter 4 months old, it is very easy to maintain, and I’m looking at maybe 2 other children who are over the age of matter. I put an ad on Craigslist, but I have no answers. How do I care for children and how I can get is the word, so you can start Best Answer:

response to imisidro
Before advertising on Craigslist or anywhere else, I suggest you first check with your state regulatory requirements. Some states allow child care to children under 5 who have not obtained a license. But that is the childcare we speak, and it is best to check with the authorities that you provided for this business, and if your house is to treat children need first. Remember, these children may be under your care, and you can be sued if something happens, werdenWie licensing requirements and state government offered to children and families in a state by state list of contacts for licensing arrangements and child care businesses: Connecticut, for example, need, / apps / pdf G_C_InitialAppReq. childcare referrals additional up application application testing (1979 buildings / houses) – first aid certification test in a workers’ compensation check of local experience for school marks approval of the Department of Health employees Frequent mehrIch I suggest you prepare a business plan. Although not a request for bank loan, a business plan will help you think through your business – what you need, it will benefit, how much it will cost, and what its potential. Here are free business plans on childcare business that wants to see the products that you can read: Starting a Child Care Day / clis748/Studentwebguides/ss02/pollack2.htmHow business to start his own Day Care Center http://www. a child care business, 4621,290241,00. HtmlSo start a daycare businessür for detailed information, I suggest checking out the following works: – Start and run a profitable Day Care Home-The Book of daycare – Start Your Own Open At-Home Child Care Business So you want a Profitable Child Care Center: Everything you need to know to plan, organize and run a successful program, it is important the tax provisions, the kindergartens learn, especially if you open a home. Here is the IRS page to kindergarten:

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