Thai king’s Artificial rain making technology

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Looks like they are busted making Chem-trails?

Thai king’s patent to make rain

King Bhumibol is keenly involved in environmental projects
Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej is to receive a patent for his development of an artificial rain-making technique.
The patent will be granted for the King’s “super-sandwich” technique, which involves using aircraft to “seed” warm and cold clouds at different altitudes to make rain.

Seeding involves using chemicals to trigger rainfall in clouds, and the King’s technique is said to be particularly successful in that it can more precisely target areas where the rain is to fall.

The Thai king is involved in a number of environmental and agricultural projects, and this will be the fourth patent he has been awarded.

The Bangkok Post reported that Indonesia and some Middle Eastern nations have sought details of the King’s technique.


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Interesting. I wonder who else uses this type of techniques…

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