ALERTA DE TRÁFEGO TRASEIRO Novo Skoda Superb 2016 120 cv-280 cv

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Close (from Skoda Press Release) The name alone is a commitment: a Skoda Superb has to be something special. In accordance with this task, the Skoda designers and developers have taken the new Skoda Superb to a new level in terms of creativity and technology. The Skoda Superb is driving the brand forward with its new, modern and emotionally-rich design, its above-average spaciousness has once again been improved and it benefits technically from Volkswagen Group’s innovative MQB technology. Generous dimensions, innovative assistance systems for safety, environment and comfort, powerful EU6-compliant engines and ‘Simply Clever’ details, typical of Skoda, move the brand’s flagship to the upper end of the automotive mid-class segment. In short, the new Superb is the best Skoda of all time and is the highlight of Skoda’s largest-ever model campaign.

The ‘Superb’ name has to be earned by a Skoda. Never before have such enormous demands been placed on the design of a Skoda, never before has so much new technology been incorporated into the design of a new model. Never before have there been so many ‘Simply Clever’ concepts and never before have the Skoda engineers managed to deliver so much space for driver, passengers and their luggage. A whole ‘phalanx’ of new assistance systems from higher vehicle classes is available for more safety, the environment and comfort. The third-generation Superb is more powerful than ever and yet it is up to 30 per cent more economical thanks to new EU6 engines.

Connectivity attains a new quality: the new Skoda Superb has a new-generation infotainment system which automatically connects to a smartphone via SmartLink. SmartLink includes MirrorLinkTM, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which provide easy access to many apps from your personal smartphone on the car’s display. In addition, the SmartGate function enables accessing vehicle data via your smartphone and using it intelligently with your own apps. The high-speed internet connection also turns the Superb into the first Skoda hotspot on wheels. It is clear that the new Skoda Superb with its new and modern Skoda design will be rolling towards the customers.

“Skoda is demonstrating the brand’s new standards in the automotive mid-class segment with the new Skoda Superb, its design and technical qualities and its unbeatable space,” said Skoda CEO Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “Skoda’s experience and passion from almost 120 years of car making have been incorporated into the development of the third-generation model. The new Skoda Superb is impressive evidence of the brand’s engineering and design competence. As an important pillar of our growth strategy, the new Skoda Superb points to the brand’s future and will attract new private and business customers to the company. Skoda is entering a new era with this car,” said Prof. Dr. Vahland.

The Skoda Superb has been at the top of Skoda’s model range since 2001. To date, the car manufacturer has delivered more than 700,000 first- and second-generation Skoda Superbs, making the model one of the most popular vehicles in the automotive mid-class segment.

Customers have always valued the vehicle’s overall package: extremely generous space, a timelessly elegant design, modern, tried-and-tested technology, top comfort, maximum safety, optimum functionality and very good value for money.

The third-generation model is expected to write another chapter in the Skoda Superb’s success story. “With the new Skoda Superb, we have developed a car that will wow our customers,” said Dr. Frank Welsch, Skoda Board Member for Technical Development. “With its expressive and emotionally-rich design, even more space and comfort, innovative safety technology, top consumption values, sophisticated dynamics and top-class workmanship, the new Skoda Superb takes Skoda qualities to a new level,” said Dr. Welsch.

A dynamic and elegant design revolution

The Skoda Superb’s new design demonstrates the emotional power of the brand. Skoda cars have always convinced with a high degree of functionality, reliability and excellent value for money. With the new Superb, Skoda is now underlining these qualities with a modern, expressive and emotionally-rich design. The new Skoda design language demonstrates assurance, dynamic elegance, balanced proportions and a striking design language. With this, the new Skoda Superb brings the exciting design language of the ‘Skoda VisionC’ show car into production.

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