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When it officially turns Zelle on, the money-transfer system in its app will adopt Zelle’s common branding
and interface, which is built around two activities: “send” and “receive.”
“We think the simplicity and shared experience around this will magnify the network effect,” said Brett Pitts, a Wells Fargo executive.
U. S. Bank, one of Zelle’s partners, began offering real-time transfers a year ago within its partner network, and found
that senders valued it just as much as those they were paying, according to Gareth Gaston, who leads U. S. Bank’s non-branch banking channels.
After six years of laying a foundation, major banks are ready to introduce Zelle, a digital payments network
that will allow people to send money instantly through participating banks’ mobile apps.

Chegou mais uma sexta-feira tão querida por todos. Isso não é só pelo fim de semana, é claro: isso também quer dizer que é hora de conferir mais dos apps …

Welcome back to five apps, where this week the release of the game Fallout 4 has got me thinking a lot about survival. So today I am going to show you five applications that could save your life in the event of worldwide devastation, though hopefully they will never have to. All presuming – of course – that you can still charge your phone.
To survive a disaster or accident, a good strategy is to have someone quickly come to your aid. Alpify is an application that, at the touch of a button, enables rescue services find you accurately on a map and coordinate a rescue – if necessary. Also, when you call to an emergency service, this service can use geolocation to track your last known route – remember however, in the event of an apocalypse, emergency services might be quite busy.
Basic knowledge is vital for survival. For example, did you know you can start a fire with a battery and some steel wool? Well, there is a survival manual for the US military called FM 21-76, which is now available as an app. There are many version of this available, but we recommend Survival Guide. With Survivial Guide know how to survive any disaster. Build your own shelter from branches and mud? Easy. Collect rainwater with plastic bags? Recognizing what is edible? All child’s play. It’s also handy when you run out of cookies when camping.
Orientating yourself is vital if you are stranded, but the area you are in is unrecognizable, maybe what you need is a good map service that works without a data connection. is one of the best services with offline maps mode, making it capable of storing maps on your device. It includes highly detailed maps with rural roads and footpaths, giving you accurate directions along the shortest possible path.
Next we have an app that should be installed on every phone by default: First Aid – American Red Cross. This app offers you all the first aid information you need to provide first response care to someone suffering from a medical problem. It explain in detail, step by step, with images and videos, how to treat simple conditions: an open cut, a bruise, a heart attack, low blood sugar… and also includes various quizzes to test your knowledge on how to respond to each problem. Probably best you go through the app learn the basics before a situation actually occurs though…
Of course the most important survival tip is to be prepared – to have everything ready in case of an emergency – which is where Survival Backpack come in. This an application helps you build your very own but out bag – making sure you have water, documents, flashlights, and multiple other vital supplies, all conveniently organized into lists. In addition, Survival Backpack includes emergency contact lists, tasks to follow in case of disaster, and can track the expiry date of any perishable products you have in the kit.
That’s it for this week and, assuming there is no actual apocalypse when Fallout 4 releases, I will see you in seven days when I will be bringing you the 5 best Chrome extensions – subscribe to make sure you don’t miss that. As always, Like or Dislike this video to let us know what you thought of our picks, and I will see you next time.

With the launch of iOS 10 last year, Apple gave third-party app developers the option to add Siri integration for the first time, though the opportunity was limited to apps in certain categories. Apple usually reveals its plans for the next version of iOS at WWDC so we should be hearing a lot more about the future of its mobile operating systems besides improvements to Siri.

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