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Every day, a great number of people coached by George are…
* Growing their wealth
* Achieving greater work/life balance
* Improving their relationships
* Working less hours
* Creating passive income
* Creating multiple streams of income

You’ll begin to discover amazing personal breakthroughs and wealth success strategies such as…
* Why your mindset is either your greatest asset or your worst enemy and how to make sure you have the RIGHT MINDSET for success…
* How taking action without expectations actually increases your chances of success…
* How to become successful and be rewarded by invoking natural laws that always work if you apply them correctly…
* And much more – too much to mention here… Just be assured if you want a mind blowing education in achieving the right mindset then you won’t be disappointed…

Helping people achieve wealth, success and life balance is George’s number one passion in life.

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George Mihos is a man of passion. He is passionate about his family and equally passionate about helping others achieve success in their own lives. A brilliant wealth and life coach, dynamic public speaker and unrelenting motivator, George has helped thousands of Australians on their journey to wealth and success.

A true Australian success story, George was one of the youngest players ever in the National Soccer League. His life changed overnight at the age of 20, when his young cousin was diagnosed with leukemia and given just six months to live. Her death inspired George to think deeply … If you are looking for proven work from home you should consider network marketing. Network Marketing has proven to be a good way to work from home. (It has all the benefits of owning a small business with very little overhead.) If you are interested in network marketing, reading “Success in 10 Steps” has proven to increase your odds of success when you work from home. *Please note that if you are looking for an immediate way to earn money from home network marketing may not be for you. Network Marketing is like any other business. Hard work and effort will be required to build your business, but once it begins to grow, it has the potential to keep paying you.

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Mentoring for Free( is a network marketing training and mentoring system that allows each person who listens to receive the benefit of years of experience and wisdom in one of the hardest professions in the world. Our team is dedicated to a PURPOSE, and not a specific company, so we are going to be around forever, whereas MLM companies come and go. Come plug into our system and learn how to successfully run your own home business and OWN your own life! Mentoring for Free automates all the more boring and harder to explain parts of network marketing so that you can focus on what actually makes you wealthier which is building relationships and adding value to other people’s lives. Becoming successful at network marketing is a process, one that you can be coached through. Let our team here at Mentoring for Free be your business midwife! Grab your own copy of the only 100% generic field proven strategy guide: Success in 10 Steps at

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P.A. Bryant poses the self value question ‘How much are You Worth?’ Urging future entrepreneurs to move forward by motivating themselves with self validation.

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