how does affiliate marketing work

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Hey, today I’m going to talk about how do I grow my affiliate website’s traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of a business and affiliate marketing is no different.

You always want to have more traffic just like income right? Do you know who Joe Girard is? Joe won the Guinness book of world records for selling the most cars.

He didn’t do that from running tv commercials, newspaper ads or waiting around on a car lot waiting for prospects.

How do you think he sold so many cars?

It was all about referrals. With affiliate marketing it’s not about the cold market and ads. It’s about maximizing the income from people who have already purchased from you.

This is really what the warm market is all about. All the money really is what to do with the list that you have. How can you make the most money from people who already know and trust you.

Selling to an existing customer is much easier than trying to gain the trust of someone you don’t really know right?

This is the first step to growing your traffic. First you have to go to the cold market to get to the warm.

By far the best way to get traffic is with video and content. Video helps you gain trust because people can see your face and it’s easier for you to build a relationship with them.

You can still do it with audio and the written word but using video is by far the best way to get cold traffic. This is what I do.

Create tons and tons of video content that is highly targeted to your audience and try to be as helpful as you can. This will gain trust and thus help your business in the long term.

For video there is YouTube, Dailymotion, TikTok, IGTV, Instagram, Facebook Instagram and you can post a video to many other places like Pinterest and even Forums.

Video content is the gateway drug to traffic for your website. What is also very cool about video is you can leverage it.

You can take the sound from the video and make a podcast with it. Then you can upload this sound file to places like Anchor.FM and Soundcloud, which are free to gain even more influence and traffic.

You can take the notes from the video and submit them to article directories like Linkedin, Medium, Quora and many other places.

Just keep doing that over and over again and you will get traffic that is targeted and the best part is you don’t even have to spend money for the traffic.

If you spend money for traffic it could get you even more traffic and views.

I hope this helps. Have you experimented with video? Have you gotten good results from it?

Lastly, Knowing how to promote affiliate offers to your list can really help your business. There is only 1 person I recommend for this because he helped me out a lot.

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Hello today I want to talk about how can someone do affiliate marketing on YouTube. First I want to talk about what you don’t want to do on YouTube.

I’ve seen this idea on Quora where some people will find YouTube channels on a niche and then they will comment and put an affiliate link in the comment.

That might be the worst way to do affiliate marketing. The reason why is because every single channel owner can see their comments. Most people read their comments and if they see spam most likely they will just delete the comment.

Another reason this is a horrible idea is there is no list. Most people if they do click on an affiliate link do not buy the first time they see something, some people do. Some people have to look at something many times and you lose out on all those sales.

You also lose out on additional sales because you can sale more than one thing to 1 person. Also, there is something about owning the stage for your brand it will help you long term.

I used to comment on similar videos and put a link to my video in the comment. As long as you ad value I think it’s fine, but I stopped doing that because do you think that is a bottom feeding topic?

I guess it’s beneath me right?

Another horrible mistake with YouTube is making videos that are irrelevent to your niche. I’ve actually been guilty of this.

One of the my funniest was on how to trick a slot machine, because I thought the topic was so cool. At the end I was like you could try making money online, it’s legal. The video can tons of views, but probably not a lot of people signed up.

Views really don’t matter, what matters is people optin in to your list. This is why I have a YouTube channel. The more targeted your traffic the better.

Another mistake is trying to go after keywords that are way too competitive, this has to do with SEO.
Search Engine Optimization.

When you type in a search on YouTube or Google the Search Engine gives you results. For SEO you want to just go after 1 keyword and put it in your title, first sentence, last sentence and in your tags. This tells Google this is what the video is about.

Then Google will give that video for someone who is looking for it. If you type this tittle, the one this video is about in quotes into Google you will notice that there are 3 results. This is what you want and you will get found for these keywords.

If there are a million pages then you don’t want this because you will not get discovered, it’s that simple.

What do you think is the very worst thing you can do on YouTube? I see this all the time. It’s not putting a link to your optin page to grow your list. Also, not talking about the link in your video is bad.

I have a friend who actually created a product on finding these videos and buying them and sticking links into them.

Your not going to make any

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Hello, today I want to answer the question how do I build a sale funnel for affiliate marketing? This is a very good question.

The sales funnel, is by far the most important part of this business. I know because I didn’t get this part right and I barely made any money even though I was throwing an insane amount of traffic at it.

There are a few foundations that you need with a sales funnel. One is you really should have some type of deep sales in your funnel.

This is where you can make $1,000-$5,000 and even higher per sale and they should be deep in the funnel.

This really should apply to any business. The reason this is such a good idea is because it’s much easier to sale to someone who has already purchased from you.

They already trust you and know you. This is how Joe Girard won the Guinness book of world records for selling the most cars from talking to people who have already purchased from him.

Even if you are a chiropractor figure out a way to over to give more value and make more money than just doing an alignment. Whatever service business your in, you do this. Heck if you have a taco truck get super duper deep sale taco right?

Another fundamental is it’s a good idea to offer low ticket items up front. This build momentum for both parties. It also builds the most important thing and this is trust.

It’s just like dating right? Start smile and then you can work up towards marriage if you want, but it’s not good to start with marriage.

In the middle residual income products are nice, but not necessary. This is where you can make money over and over again into the future.

Also, you really should be promoting just 1 product for 1 week. Keep sticking to that product and you have to promote it different ways.

Some people it takes a week seeing something many times before they buy. If you just promote 1 offer 1 time, you are leaving lots of money on the table.

Most people don’t buy the first time they see something, this is why you need to send many messages, but they have to be good.

There is a right way to do this and a wrong way. Plus, there are upsells, downsells there are product samples you should be doing.

Building a sales funnel, you need professional help and it’s worth it, because this is where all the money is.

What I recommend if you are knew to affiliate marketing is just to partner with another marketer and use their sales funnel and you can still make really good money with it.

Then you can learn, while you earn and create your own funnel later.

I hope this video might have been helpful, your feedback and comments are very much appreciated. How long have you been doing affiliate marketing? Have you made any money at it yet?

Lastly, when it comes to learning how to do the sales funnel correctly there is only 1 person I recommend because I know he is r

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Hey, today I want to answer the question how do I succeed in Affiliate Marketing in 2020? The short answer to this question is by putting the numbers to your favor.

All marketing is a numbers game. The faster you get rejected, the more you get rejected the more money you will make.

Of course, there is more to it than that, but that is the simplest way you can succeed. To go into more depth, you need the right system.

This means you need a list and a way to communicate with that list. You can either build the list yourself or use another marketers list.

Yea, a great idea is just to use another marketers system, as long as it’s a good one. In this system you need some type of high ticket sales. This is where you can earn $1,000 to $5,000 per sale, deep in the sales funnel.

This makes the game much easier because you really don’t need to sale too many of these.

Then up front you need to have low ticket items. In the middle it helps to have residual income products. This is where you do the work 1 time and you can get paid over and over again.

The residual income products are more optional because it reminds of the saying a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. When hunting a guaranteed kill is worth 2 maybe kills.

Residual income is a maybe kill.

You also have to send out tons and tons of the right kind of messages. You need upsells, downsells, product samples, copywriting and most importantly the products have to be good.

If you believe in what you are promoting then it makes the whole business much easier because you will just last longer.

You will be able to deal with the rejection and failure more easily and people are smart. Doing all this helps, put the odds and numbers to your favor.

The last thing is traffic. Video is by far the best because it helps put the numbers to your favor. You can submit the video to many places, the audio you can take out and submit.

The notes from the video you can use with articles, posts and even Ebooks.

Then you have to keep doing this over and over again. The sales will come slow, then they will increase.

This is why you need tons of patience. Patience really does put the math to your favor.

I hope this video or podcast on how do I succeed in Affiliate Marketing in 2020 was helpful. Please hit the thumbs up button if you enjoyed it.

I appreciate your comments or thoughts. Are you on the fence with doing affiliate marketing, if so what is your hesitation? Also, what questions do you have about affiliate marketing?

Lastly, the most important part to this business is how to promote offers to your list and building the list. There is only 1 person I recommend for this because I know he is very good and he helped me out a ton.

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Hey, today I want to answer the question how do I setup a wordpress affiliate marketing website. The short answer is this is the wrong idea to get started.

All the money in affiliate marketing is with building a list and what you do with the list when you have it.

It’s not creating a niche website and sticking Amazon affiliate links or Ads on it. That is the wrong approach and very difficult way to make money.

There is no money in ads and no money in the Amazon Affiliate Program. In fact there is no money in sticking direct affiliate links on a website.

99% of people will click on an affiliate link do not purchase the first time they see something. This is why you absolutely need an auto responder. Plus you can promote more than 1 product to a person.

You need to send out many messages for 1 week and by doing this your sales will increase a lot and you will make much more money.

I do have a website and I do use wordpress it’s at You will notice that if you go to it you will see 1 video and 1 link and that is it.

This 1 link leads to an optin form to get someone to join my list. This is the only reason I use the website is for the brand.

To make the very simple page I used Optimize Press and I used a free version that I got from the Chris Farrell Website probably 9 to 10 years ago.

Chris Farrell tough affiliate marketing 10 years ago.

If you are just getting started with affiliate marketing you don’t need a website. There is a service called Leadpages and Optipage that allows you to create a 1 page website. There is even a free 1 page website you can set up with

Then you can sign up for an autoresponder which you can get for $10-$20 a month.

You might be wondering how would you have a blog without a website? The short answer is use Linkedin Articles, Medium and there are many other places where you can write and be seen, like on Facebook.

The great thing about both of those platforms is they have millions of users, plus they can get indexed by the search engines, so you can get traffic from Google and Bing.

Even better they are more trusted by the Search Engines. If you start a website from scratch it’s going to take a while before Google trusts it.

You might be wondering if there is anything you are missing out on by not having a website.

One thing you can do with a website is sale it. If you put a ton of work into a website later on in your life you can sale it and make money.

The second thing you are missing out on is money from ads and adsense. Since there is no money in adsense you are not missing out on anything there.

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Hey, today I want to answer the question,how I can do affiliate marketing the right way. I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing for 10 years and made lots of mistakes.

I want to share a few of the big mistakes I made and what to do instead, so you don’t have to make them.

The single biggest mistake I’ve made is try to figure things out on my own.

If you were going to learn surfing would you rather try to figure it out on your own or learn directly from Kelley Slater, who is one of the best surfers?

You would get better faster by swallowing your pride and asking for help. The same thing with affiliate marketing. Getting a good mentor will shorten your learning curve by so, so much.

Finding the right person to learn from really is key to everything.

When I got started in affiliate marketing I worked with a group of people where we would write articles on Ezine articles and put an affiliate link right at the bottom.

This is a very difficult way to do affiliate marketing. The reason why is because if someone checks out your offer and doesn’t buy, which most people don’t buy the first time they see something, you lost all money from that person forever.

The key to making money with affiliate marketing is getting someone off the internet as soon as possible and on to your email list.

If you know what you are doing with emails, then you really don’t even need that much traffic. Even if you got tons and tons of traffic, you will not make any money in affiliate marketing if nobody buys what you are promoting.

Affiliate marketing is not just posting a link and hoping someone will click on it and buy something. That is the wrong way to do it.

Russel Brunson who created Clickfunnels wrote a really good book a while ago called “Dot Com Secrets.” You really should have a sales funnel.
Low ticket items up front and towards the end of the sales funnel is high ticket items.

When I mean by high ticket items it should be in the $1,000, $2,000 and $3,000 range. This is after the low ticket items.

You only need to have a few people buy the high ticket items for you to make really good money.

The last thing I want to talk about and this was a big thing for me is with emails. I used to think that I needed to send out a few free value based emails for every pitch. Maybe 1 email a day is key right?

I just didn’t want to pester people.

This is the hard way. An easier way to make money with affiliate marketing is to send out many emails a day if you do it right.

Yes, you can send out many emails a day if you know what you are doing.

What is even crazier and this was hard for me to get my head around is you can send out many emails a day and have each one be a pitch if you do it the right way. Yes, 100% you can do this, if your approach is right.

I really just scratched the surface on what you can do with affiliate marketi

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Hello, today I’m going to answer the question how can I anonymously do affiliate marketing? For starters, just asking this question is the wrong approach.

If you do not want to stand behind the products you are promoting then why should anyone buy from you?

If you are not proud of what you are sharing to the world, then don’t share it. Don’t do affiliate marketing if you want to be anonymous.

There are many different ways to do affiliate marketing, however one of the most powerful tools is video.

In fact showing your face in a video helps a lot. I remember watching a Tai Lopez video a while ago and he said that when he hid his face the results where not nearly as good.

Another examples is believe it or not is ebooks. My friend sales a lot of ebooks on Ebay and he recommends putting a picture of your face on the cover. I do the same for my Ebooks.

Also, look at Facebook right? It’s not called hide your Face book. There is just something about the face that we are hard wired for. Do you like it when someone is talking to you and they are looking at something else?

You might be wondering if you have to use your real name, the answer is no you don’t. You can build a brand around whatever name you want.

The name doesn’t mean anything, look at Gary Vaynerchuk who is insanely successful online with a difficult last name. He could of changed his last name, but chose to use it.

A big hurdle for some people getting involved with affiliate marketing, video products, writing or starting a business is looking stupid.

It’s all image and ego.

One great idea, and I actually did this is make a video with a very dumb looking hat and make yourself look as stupid as possible. Purposely look at stupid as you can. dumb.

Then when you realize it’s not that bad, you can live with it you get over your fear. Fear stands for false expectation that appears real.

One of the best things I’ve heard Gary say is that quality is attached to your ego. Look at how a lot of people dress, what shoes they wear and what they drive?

It’s the same thing with making the perfect website, Youtube thumbnail or video. Some people buy into the fake it till you make it approach and I disagree.

When I sold cars, I would tell people I was brand new and some preferred it. Another example would be Tom Hopkins that sold houses in a motorcycle and high school Tuxedo because that is all he had at the time.

The interesting thing is that doing that probably helps because you are different. There is a good book in marketing called “Differentiate or Die.”

You have to stand behind what you are selling. Affiliate marketing is a relationship business and it’s hard to build a relationship with someone if you are anonymous.

Maybe you don’t know enough about what you are promoting. Maybe you are not proud of it or not confiden

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