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In this video I will discuss
How does SAMe work
SAMe works by:
1. Increasing methylation;
2. Stimulating polyamine synthesis;
3. Increasing transsulphuration;
By donating methyl groups (methylation)
SAMe stimulates synthesis of
DNA (cell division and DNA repair), RNA (controls gene transcription), proteins,
Neurotransmitters (improves brain function) and phospholipids
As a methylating agent SAMe repairs DNA damage and mutations,
Supports normal growth
and differentiation of cells,
Allows individual cells to better communicate with -and react to- their environment and
Supports cognitive function
Through methylation of phospholipids SAMe makes phosphatidylcholine
Phosphatidylcholine is present in all cell membranes
And it makes membranes more pliant
(as opposed to cholesterol which makes them stiff)
Cells with an overabundance of cholesterol have malformed membranes
And this leads to changes in receptor distribution
Thus, signals and messages from the cells environment are distorted
Or don’t get through at all
Specialized cells need to communicate with each other in order to function like a cohesive unit (an organ)
Signal impairment means
impairment in cell function
SAMe protects and enhances cell integrity
And thus directly influences the functionality of all organs
Polyamines catalyze the synthesis of spermine, spermidine and putrescine,
Which are essential for cell growth and differentiation, gene expression and neuron regeneration
Through transsulphuration
SAMe is the precursor for cysteine, glutathione and taurine
DNA damage accumulates naturally with age
Due to free radicals made as by-products of cellular energy production,
Abnormal methylation
(which prevents DNA repair)
And endogenous and exogenous toxins
DNA damage leads to abnormal gene activation
Cancer cells are cells which have the wrong set of genes turned on and off
DNA damage directly increases cancer risk
And over time guarantees it
Activating or inactivating genes can stop tumor growth
SAMe has been shown to positively influence gene activation by supporting methylation
Let s discuss another mechanism of action
People who are depressed, hostile and angry typically have high homocysteine levels
Homocysteine also causes coronary
plaque to grow and leads to heart attacks
Homocysteine can be neutralized via a SAMe pathway, if enough SAMe exists
The most common biochemical imbalances in people with depression are:
Low levels of serotonin
(affects mood, sleep, appetite and learning)
And norepinephrine (affects heart rate, blood pressure and the stress response)
Because of this relationship between serotonin, norepinephrine and
And other things besides depression itself
Conventional depression medication is riddled with side effects
SAMe supplementation works differently


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