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In loudspeakers, electric signals cause the diaphragm to move back and forth and thereby to produce sound, the diaphragm vibrates due to electromagnetic induction, the diaphragm is connected to a coil. The electric current flowing through the coil induces a magnetic field which interacts with the permanent magnet, and this causes the diaphragm to move.
The direction of the movement depends on the direction of the current. When you wrap your right hand around the coil with your fingers in the direction of the current your thumb points in the direction of the magnetic north pole.
The identical poles of the two magnets repel each other, while the opposite poles attract each other. When the identical poles are close to each other. The coil and the diaphragm move forward
when the direction of the current changes and therefore the opposite poles are close to each other, the diaphragm moves backwards.
Smaller diaphragms produce sounds of higher frequencies,
while larger diaphragms produce deep sounds.
Therefore, high quality loudspeakers are three ways speakers, they consist of three drivers, a large will, for a smaller and mid range driver and a small tweeter.
The incoming electric signals are separated into different frequency ranges suited to each driver
by an audio crossover.

In this video I will discuss
How does Modafinil work

Currently, Modafinil is believed to work by
Increasing the sensitivity of the brain to excitatory neurotransmitters
Specifically noradrenaline-which is also known as norepinephrine
The effects of noradrenaline on the CNS (central nervous system) include
Increased attention,
memory, learning and cerebral plasticity
Noradrenaline stimulates the sympathetic branch of the nervous system
(The accelerator pedal of the CNS)
Noradrenaline increases blood glucose, mobilizes fatty acids from fat stores,
Increases heart rate, increases blood pressure and inhibits digestive processes
These effects lead to increased energy levels
While you would expect this to show more cardiovascular system side-effects
This does not happen in practice
Modafinil interacts with a large number of neurotransmitter systems
Yet it rarely interferes with other chemical balances in the body
And this is perhaps why it has a lower risk -and number- of potential side effects
Modafinil also works by restricting the parts of your brain that make you sluggish or sleepy
It does this by decreasing the sensitivity to inhibitory neurotransmitters like GABA
Modafinil is considered superior to
conventional stimulants
Because it doesn’t affect heart rate, blood pressure
And it does not raise anxiety, agitation
or promote insomnia
Modafinil is believed to lack the side effects of classic stimulants (amphetamins)
Due to the fact that it also influences
histamine levels
In the brain, histamine lowers susceptibility to convulsion, drug sensitization,
Denervation supersensitivity, ischemic lesions
and stress
Histamine is also involved in sleep regulation
And this is why Modafinil users can
sleep if they want to
Modafinil is the main metabolized element
from Adrafinil
And though both drugs have the
same desired result,

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In this video I will discuss
How does Coffee work
After you ingest coffee, 99% of caffeine is absorbed by
Your intestinal system in 15 to 45 minutes
From here, caffeine reaches your liver where it is metabolized
Most caffeine is turned into paraxanthine
Paraxanthine is very similar to adenosine
This similarity means it can fit into adenosine receptors – without stimulating those receptors
Paraxanthine thus blocks the effects of adenosine on brain receptors
The general effect of adenosine is to inhibit neural activity
And here lies the problem with caffeine use
Adenosine is a building block of ATP
ATP is broken down for energy production
And adenosine is thrown out of the neurons
Once outside the neurons, adenosine can stimulate the fatigue response
Stimulating the fatigue response allows neurons to rest and make more ATP
When you block the action of adenosine with paraxanthine
You disrupt the rest cycle of neurons
This leads to neurons being overworked and eventually crashing
This is why habitual coffee use inevitably leads to exhaustion
On top of this,
there is no adaptation to caffeine
It keeps working
Coffee contains other active chemicals besides caffeine
Among them are antioxidants
These antioxidants are hypothesized
to be the reason why
Some studies have found cardiovascular benefits associated with coffee use
Coffee also contains some compounds called Diterpenes
Diterpenes appear to increase risk of coronary heart disease
Diterpenes can be eliminated
through simple paper filtration
Always filter your coffee to protect yourself from these compounds
Other compounds in coffee are responsible for the release of stress hormones
Stress hormones are deleterious in high quantities or for extended periods of time
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