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Bankazon Instant Payment Affiliate Network

If you are looking to promote your digital products, ebooks, software, monthly membership sites, or services online, you have come to the absolute right place. As well as, if you are simply looking to make extra money promoting some excellent items from our marketplace as an affiliate, we make it so easy.

So whether you would like to sell your own products, or just make easy extra money selling other people’s products, then have a look and see why Bankazon is one of the fastest growing affiliate marketplaces in the world.

Bankazon is the easy way to offer all of the following features along with a Marketplace.

Instant Commission Payment
Digital Products
Regular membershipsite charging monthly
Integration with PayPal
Uncomplicated resources
Manage Affiliates
Stats and Marketing campaign monitoring
User friendly interface to incorporate control keys to your site
Manage unlimited products with one account Affordability

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Learn how you can earn from multiple income streams promoting one single program
Best way to make Money online with the best Affiliate program online. Earn From multiple Income streams simply by promoting one single program.

Earn from
GDI – $1/ referral $100 bonus for every 5
GVO – $22.47 per referral
HOSTGATOR – up to $125 per sign up!
SHOEMONEYSYSTEM – $90 recurring monthly Commissions
AFFILIORAMA – $67 Recurring Monthly Commissions
APS REFERRAL FEES – up to $30 per referral!
WEALTHY AFFILIATE – $48.50 per referral (Recurring Commissions)

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