mobile advertising marketing Radio advertising relies on radio commercials that get the targeted audience’s attention from the beginning…unlike this example from radio advertising expert Dan O’Day.
So Something Big is Coming Down, But I can’t talk to much about it without you being on a Non Disclosure Agreement.

We only have blocks of 5 invitations. And…until those invites are completed by you or the other 4 we can’t send more. This is why when you request it from us we have to have you filling it out immediately or it expires and moves to the next person who requested.

It is Free to sign up for the full disclosure, so you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

1. If you are READY right now to sign up, then fill out the form in the link above with:

First and Last Name
Email Address
Country Code IF outside the USA
Phone Number

Send nothing else to me please, just the request.

2. Due to the backlog this is creating, If you don’t receive it from me when I confirm I sent it to you, please email me to let me know. You will get the invite, rest assured, but sometimes I have to wait until one opens up (we only get 5 at a time).

3. I have a ton of people in line waiting to get this NDA and if it isn’t signed within an hour I have to reset the invite and send it to the next person in line. I can resend it later, but you will loose the position you would have had.

This will be the next Facebook, So it is really Important to fill out the form asap.

In Fact, when you watch the short video, you will see the developer is a former Facebook guy.

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Apps or Ads? The Future of Mobile Advertising
L2 – NYU Stern School of Business
The explosive growth of mobile device usage and proliferation of applications presents a new, dynamic landscape for prestige marketing and commerce.The strategies, tools, rules of engagement, and metrics present marketing and digital professionals with a series of challenges that are best distilled into one question: “What do I do now?”

Advertising Week, The Times Center, Wednesday, October 3, 2012 1:00pm, Adobe, Jose Andrade-Publicis Life Brands:Medicus, Douglas Fajardo-RMB Connect Miami, Rebecca McPheters-McPheters & Co.

04/03/13 Nuance Communications adds a new dimension to dialogue. Mobile advertising gets interactive with Nuance’s Voice Ads technology.

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