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Hello, today I’m going to talk about how casinos make money and how you can use it for your own online business with affiliate marketing.

Las Vegas alone makes 12 billion dollars every year, this is just from gaming, not food and all the other stuff. It’s a very successful business.

When you walk along the Vegas strip you see the outside of the casino’s. All of them have a theme such as Excalibur Hotel and Casino that features a castle.

Treasure Island has pirate ships and this makes things fun and takes people away from their boring lives and transports them to someplace else.

I have a friend who creates products online and sometimes he will create a whole theme about the product. One involves the mafia and super secret ways to do things.

Another way to look at this is with sales copy and promo’s turn the advertisement into a story that is entertaining. The more we can make things more different, somewhat entertaining the better it is.

The mother of all entertainment is curiosity. Curiosity drives clicks – Remember that.

Next up is the gaming themselves. When you enter a casino lobby and you get checked into your room have you ever noticed that most of the time you have to walk through the casino to get to your room.

All roads lead to the casino. There are people that are gambling with their suitcase before they enter their room and when they are leaving.

The casino itself is usually a circular black hole that sucks you in and sometimes it’s hard to find the way to the hotel.

There are no clocks, windows it sucks you in right?

How can we copy this for are own online business with affiliate marketing? We can remind people about your offers as much as you can, especially your upsells.

Make it as easy as possible for people to upgrade. You will notice that if you click on that link below there is a short video and then below that there is one link and that is it.

Nothing else. Make it as easy as possible for people to buy and upgrade.

All roads lead to checkout when it comes to your business. We as humans we are begging to be lead, I just read a book called the paradox of choice, which was a great book.

We say we love choice, but the reality is we don’t want to make too many decisions. Think of the doctor you want the doctor to tell you want to do to fix the problem, not give you hundreds of choices.

Next up when you go to a casino, you sometimes are give free chips to gamble with. This is the gateway drug.

In many casinos there is the big wheel that costs maybe one dollar to gamble with up front and they make it as easy as possible for a beginner to start.

In your own business think how you can apply this? Create free stuff and make it as easy as possible for people to enter your store.

These are just a few ideas and if you really want to take your online business to the next level especially

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