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Hey, today I’m going to talk about how to create a company page on Linkedin and why you might want to do this for your affiliate business.

So, why do you want to create a company page for your online business? As you can probably imagine it’s for traffic, the lifeblood of all business’s.

When people search for companies they could stumble on your page and then possibly check you out.

This is why the company name you want to be a specific as you can. There are over 500 million members on the platform Linkedin as of 2018, that is a lot.

Let me walk you through creating a company page, it’s really easy.

To create a company page on Linkedin you want to click on the work icon on the top right hand side of Linkedin. It’s a button with 9 dots and looks like cube.

Scroll to the very bottom of the list and you will see at the bottom create a company page. Click on it and then it will say “let’s set up your company page.”

You fill out a name and then it walks you through it. I just set a page up called affiliate marketing success.

Then what I did is write a little promo in the description with a link to where someone can get more information.

Now a promo is a story and writing a good one takes skill. The idea is to tell a story about you or someone else using the product you are promoting and then sharing the results that they got.

Then after the story you can tell people where they can get more information by clicking on the website below.

You get 2,000 characters to use in the description and the first 700 come up in the overview part.

Next you can add specialties. These are keywords someone might type in to find your company page. If you are not sure what keywords to use, I would highly recommend a tool called Display Purposes. Just Google it and if you put in 1 keyword it comes up with a ton more.

It’s mostly used for Instagram, but you can use it for Linkedin or anything else. Also with Linkedin, I found the site constantly breaking down, so save after every keyword you put it otherwise you might have to redo all the keywords and that is a pain in ass.

You also need a physical address to publish a page, so just put in any address. You just fill in the forms and lastly you can fill out groups that are related to your industry. You don’t have to be in the group.

I hope you got some value from this content on how to create a company page for Linkedin and why do this.

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