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This is an affiliate marketing training videos for 2015 where you can learn to succeed online as an affiliate marketer. When it comes to making money online you need to ensure you have the right product to offer and the right system to back up those sales.
The training provided in MTTB will help you build any online business but is really focused on the online money making niche. It is ultimately designed to bring people into the parent business of MTTB, which is called MOBE – My online Business Education. MOBE offers affiliate training products that provide you with potential commissions of $1000, $3000 and $5000 depending upon your involvement in the system.
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~ Is affiliate marketing really easy?
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~ Learn how do I get paid as an affiliate marketer?
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Auto Affiliate Program – Affiliate Marketing Made Easy!
Auto Affiliate Program – Affiliate Marketing Made Easy!
Auto Affiliate Program – Affiliate Marketing Made Easy!
Auto Affiliate Program – Affiliate Marketing Made Easy!

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Hey, today I want to answer the question how can I find the best affiliate marketing program? I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing for 10 years and have done many different programs.

I want to give you some ideas to help you find the right one to promote.

The first program I want to talk about is who didn’t create affiliate marketing, but they made it very popular.

Sure 10 years ago you could make some money promoting Amazon affiliate offers. You could write a review and they paid on a scale.

Now, there are much better programs to promote. Amazon pays on a fixed scale now, and some products they don’t pay. It really is not a very good program to promote.

It makes sense because they are not the underdog anymore. Next up is CPA affiliate marketing, which might be the worst.

This is where if someone fills out their email address and joins another person’s list you make a few dollars. Don’t do this, the person who is paying you is making all the money.

When it comes to affiliate marketing I would highly encourage you to look at informational products and not physical ones.

What is so good about informational products is that you can easily make 75% of the money up to 100% of the money. You keep all the money and that is a good thing. Compare that to say Amazon that pays 1% for video games, 3% for toys and 4.5% for books.

This is another reason why I’m not a huge fan of dropshipping because it’s a race to the bottom. The profit margins are much smaller.

The second thing you absolutely MUST have to in affiliate marketing is high ticket deep sales. This is where you can earn $1,000, $2,000 to $4,000 and up on 1 product.

These are deep in the sales funnel, so up front it’s good to have low ticket items, maybe have a few residual income products in the middle and then towards the end have the high ticket items.

This is what I’m talking about.

How do you find products, which niche should you join? I recommend sticking to making money online if you are not making a lot of money.

The reason why is because you are going to learn how to make money and share what you are learning. Plus, it’s a very lucrative niche and there is a lot of money in it.

Next, you want to find products that have sold a lot. It’s already proven to work and has solved someone’s pain.

It’s good if it doesn’t have a big refund rate. You also want to promote products that resonate with you. If you hate the product or you don’t know anything about it, it’s going to be harder for you.

You also want a product that has good money per click. Some other things to look at is that you resonate with the sales letter. Also that you have purchased what you are selling. You know about it and that you have got some results, it’s going to be helpful.

If you know the owner or know of him / her that is good to.

These are

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