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How to Send SMS
Key Features:
•SMS Cost as you can buy unlimited SMS Packs from Airtel/ Vodafone/Idea and other GSM operators.
•Send SMS to All DND/NON-DND Mobile Numbers.
•Send SMS to individuals or list of phone numbers.
•Load Contact Numbers from File.
•Send unique or personalized SMS to every Contact using Excel File Data.
•Send message in many different Languages (Unicode).
•Provides facility to send SMS using Delayed Delivery Options
•Add Custom Field value to generate unique SMS for Every Contact.
•Send Flash or Standard SMS.
•Sent messages can easily be saved and viewed by the user.
•Compatible with USB GSM technology based mobile devices.
•No internet connection required to send SMS.

The uses for (SMS) Marketing are endless.

Every day many messages are being sent across the world through personal mobile phones or even the internet. People use this SMS service because it is easy to use and is cheap. Where a phone call to any number might cost you around 50 paisa per minute (minimum) a two sentence message will cost only about two or three paisa depending upon the network you are using. The other advantage of SMS service is the fact that even if the receiver has his mobile switched off then also the message remains in the waiting list and whenever the user switches his phone on he gets the message. This has become a milestone in the recent time in terms of communication feasibility and time saving approach. Wherever one is, sending an SMS takes about merely about two to three seconds and that too maximum.
The recent networks even promise services which are quicker than the ones that previously used to bring amazement from users. In recent times big business giants have realized the importance of this convenient mode of communication and are using this mode as a method of promoting and advertising about their company. They use it to maintain a connection with their consumers. Business requires constant updating consumers with the w
hereabouts and the companies thus use the mode of sending sms in order to meet this purpose. A particular message can be sent to thousands and even lacks of consumers at a single click and would require minimum time.
But the number of consumers that a particular company has is huge and sending individual messages to all these consumers individually is a tiresome job and would require a lot of valuable time. So the companies use the mode of sending BULK SMSs to the required number of consumers at a single shot and in turn derive revenue and sales. Many marketing promotions and advertisements nowadays are done through BULK SMS service provided by a number of dealers who are willing to do this at a nominal cost.
Some of such online dealers are acl-mobile, mnatives and mobicast. They have formed a large platform for meeting the needs of these business giants with facilities of sending large number of BULK SMSs at minimum cost. These are cost effective and any company who is looking for an online sms service to stay connected to its consumers can opt for one of these. Mnatives Offers Cost Eff Contact at Mob. – +91 9818269777 | Ph. – +91.120.4069400 ective SMS services for more details visit our website :

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