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When it comes to cars, many people believe that you are what you drive. Mobile phones may fulfill another purpose entirely, but the images they project run the gamut from Beemer to clunker. So does that make them a status symbol as well?

On the latest installment of Mobile Behavior TV, we embarked on our video journey with mobiles and automobiles on our minds and asked people the age-old question: Form or function?

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Legal marketing professional Diana Lauritson discusses the state of legal marketing in 2015. She is the Marketing Manager of Jennings, Strouss & Salmon P.L.C., Phoenix, Arizona. She explains the importance of having a consistent and persistent digital footprint on the Internet, including the social media, and of producing original content such as videos to enhance one’s profile in Google searches. Search Engine Marketing Bendigo training video on using Google Trends for better Bendigo business marketing.

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Regardless of what size your business is – broad or little to medium evaluated business – you can without much of a stretch publicize your business through negligible exertion electronic channels. The foundation of your advancing attempts will be your site. Placed intelligently in your site, and verify that it does the going with:
Adequately addresses your business and brand (look and feel, illuminating).
Palatably addresses your expected intrigue aggregate.
Can be discovered through searchers on top web seek apparatuses.
Is an up and coming and viably sheltered.
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Whisky – 360 Here at Jellybean, we really value our beans and as part of our commitment to develop everyone to their full potential we carry out regular reviews …

Peter Drew Dan Lew Video Curation Pro Review | video marketing trends 2012
Subject: Pro Video Marketers Are Using This…

Peter is a well-respected developer who JUST launched Video Curation Pro [this morning/afternoon/night/yesterday], and some serious video marketers have been drooling all over it.

This thing is slick because it curates all of your content…

then Video Curation Pro uses what it finds to create, upload, and optimize each video for you.

I’m talking dozens, even 100’s of high-ranking videos and all you have to do is spend a few minutes to get it setup.

Then walk away…

or kick back at your desk and grin while all the hard work done for you.


It doesn’t get much easier than this…

Already, people are showing up at the top of Youtube AND organic Google searches.

(Imagine having the TOP TWO search engines in the world pumping free targeted traffic to piles of videos you’ve ranked with little effort.)

Whether you’re an affiliate, product creator, into offline marketing, or just getting started…

I’m sure you can see how powerful this is.

Peter has also setup some pretty cool bonuses (interviews with video experts, additional software, mastermind access, etc.). Plus, complete access to all the new upgrade he’s rolling out soon.

Go here now to download your copy:

With the development of digital trends every year, marketers must always be aware of the changes to adapt easily to emerging technologies and stay at the forefront of the market. This will help them gain competitive advantage and develop new ways to grow their business, generate potential customers and improve relationships with their existing customers.

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