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in this video u learn how to edit videos and monetised for your youtube channel\r
we always upload newly and high tech videos.. if u like our cannel or want to more videos .so, subcribe us\r
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Have you ever wondered how the powers to be are using the Internet to control and influence society toward their nefarious agenda? Most people are too naive and ignorant of the truth to understand the Internet was created and set-up to facilitate the mark of the beast and a one world government.

This video talks about some of these matters, especially how society is being conditioned to brand their lifestyle, to brand their self, and to basically sell their soul for making money online.

While there isn’t anything wrong with making money online, there is something wrong with how people are censoring themselves to be more viable for sponsors. There is something wrong with why a YouTube creator with some video software and no morals can make 10 times the money that an honest laborer makes.

There are a few reasons why I think the Vatican/Zionist led NWO is making it possible for people to make money online:

– increase people’s dependency on making money online
– to control people’s income (they can delete your account anytime, they can cut you out of making money online if go against them)
– to have people voluntarily censor themselves in order to make money online
– to have people voluntarily be politically correct to appease sponsors that are paying them
– to eventually have enough leverage to influence people to take the mark of the beast
– builds a false perception of reality (everyone’s happy, there’s nothing wrong or weird going on in the world — only good things– the NWO is great, etc.)
– have people voluntarily give up their privacy with every facet of their lives (1984 big brother– all seeing eye is always watching)

These are some of my thoughts about why this social conditioning is happening. It’s working wonderfully for the powers to be, as most people in modern times are willing to do almost anything to make money and become “someone.”

Truth is, they are just drawing us into their trap. The only reason there is any freedom on the Internet is so they can create the perception of freedom and so they can track who is going to be a problem for their NWO plans.

They don’t like people waking up to the truth, yet they’ll allow YouTube creators to speak the truth for awhile because only a minority are listening to them anyway — of course, they censor them with their algorithms too.

Eventually, there will be no freedom online, yet a well-conditioned populace won’t even realize it. Those who do realize it will be taken care of by the IRS, black ops, a smear campaign, imprisonment, suicided, etc. — oh, and being cut off from access to online, which will also mean they can’t access jobs, buy or sell, get a place to live, etc.

The mark of the beast will be facilitated through online technology. Facebook will likely be the main interface while YouTube creators keep up the facade of freedom…

Originally published on Robbie Lowdown0 YouTube Nov. 11, 2018

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