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Accredited social media marketing diploma online course. Learn how to use social media to promote your business with the College of Media and Publishing

Social Media Courses in NYC (New York City) and full social media marketing classes are part of an online internet marketing curriculum that is available through the Practical Social Media University at

You need to be spending your time creating social media marketing that works for you as an entrepreneur, not trying to figure out how it all makes sense from countless hours of your own research. At the Practical Social Media University, we have put it all together for you! We cover every important aspect you will need to know to achieve online marketing success.

the entire curriculum is developed especially for small businesses with limited time and budgets. After taking the class, questions can be submitted through our contact form so that no one will get stuck without getting expert help.

For more on the founder of the Practical Social Media University, Steve MacDonald, please visit

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Passionate event marketing – online course

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