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The Nudge is an app used in San Francisco that sends users text message to go out into the community.
It was co-founded by the brother and sister team of John and Sarah Peterson.
The company raised $540,000 in “pre-seed” round in July and will be expanding to Seattle soon.
John and Sarah Peterson say it was hard starting a company as siblings.
They say it was worth it, because it is helping people see the world.

I want dream with you, lol joke! [Quotes and Poems]

On my channel, you will love the videos of my quotes and poetry in two languages ​​that I did. And everything i write and spoken is from my own authorship!
I have a certain talent and passion for art! I put feelings into everything I do!
My poetry is like music lyrics, they’re full of emotion!

I also draw the covers, those from the beginning of the video, some images stay wonderful like the hearts, the stars and cards! Not to mention that I make the voices of the talking kittens without any editing! =^_^=

And for those who do not know, I created some humor and comedy stuff, like the funny news, which is different and very special! I always wanted to bring something new to share with those who like to smile. The videos are a fun, and will make you happy! 😀

Follow me on social networks, there you can buy my exclusive and original products from the channel that i did draw, they are more than specials!
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And my quotes looks like small movie clips, they are short, and have sayings of all kinds! God quotes, about love, womens, best friends and even animals, are just few quotes that you will find! And you will find reflexion quotes, to you reflect about the moments and life. Also motivational status ones, to raise your high esteem and you to be more confident in yourself! For all of us are winners and champions, just don’t give up and have determination, willpower and believe in your dreams. I’m sure my quotes can give you hope, help and inspiration when you’re sad, alone, feeling down or with a broken heart.

I also have message of good morning, afternoon and night. To you send to a friend, friendship, family and even to those that you love, they are pretty and beautiful! And many others that will make you fall in love, they are romantic and some messages are fun! I still have Special playlists, which are collections, like the poetry one!

And of course, the poetry is a show apart, they are incredible and exciting!
There many types of poetry i wrote, you need to watch these videos! 🙂

I hope you like of the channel! ^_^
And thanks for watch my videos! 🙂

Frases e Poemas – Quotes and Poems (#FePQaP)
Escrito por – Written By: Pericles A. (Myself)
Copyright © All rights reserved.

Facebook can’t afford to repeat the mistakes of 2016.

During the 2016 US presidential election, the social network was wildly abused by Russian propagandists.

Two years later, America is gearing up for its contentious midterm elections, and Facebook is eager to show progress in its fight against election-meddling.

On Wednesday, the Silicon Valley firm invited journalists into its Menlo Park, California headquarters, to tour the “war room”.

Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey says he is looking remove the ability to “like” tweets. According to Business Insider, Twitter says it has no plans to remove the feature at the moment. The social media site is currently mulling over a plan to ensure its “incentivizing healthy conversation.” Twitter has often been criticized recently for its response to trolls, threatening posts and fake news.

According to a report by Reuters, Twitter has deleted over 10,000 automated accounts posting messages that discouraged people from voting in next week’s midterm election, after the accounts were flagged by the Democratic party. A Twitter spokesman said in an email, “We took action on relevant accounts and activity on Twitter.

As the midterm elections draw closer, Twitter is cracking down on accounts that are using the service to dissuade people from showing up at the polls. Gizmodo reported that between September and October of this year, Twitter deleted more than 10,000 bot accounts that were posting messages aimed at convincing people not to vote. Facebook also recently banned a number of accounts that posted false reports about long lines and violence at voting stations.

Demi Lovato ha alcanzado 90 días de sobriedad, según su madre, Dianna De La Garza. De La Garza contó el momento en que se enteró de la sobredosis de Lovato y dijo que los mensajes de texto le alertaron de que algo había sucedido.

Twitter has suspended hundreds of bot accounts identified by NBC News as being involved in a coordinated campaign to defend the Saudi government’s role in the disappearance of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. Twitter told Business Insider it had already been aware of the bot accounts, which it said behaved like spam accounts.

Passengers on board a United Airlines flight had to be be turned around because their plane was too big.

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