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25 years ago: the world’s first text message

Even though it seems like the world operates through social media these days, not everyone is an advocate. These celebrities, for instance, aren’t into it at all.

When John Kelly accepted the position of White House chief of staff last July, he framed his main function as imposing order. That included instituting a formal process for the documents and news articles that reached the Resolute Desk. But President Donald Trump’s increasingly incendiary Twitter feed, which remains outside Kelly’s control, is short-circuiting that attempt at creating a functional system for controlling the flow of information into the Oval Office.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump caused a firestorm of condemnation on both sides of the Atlantic when he retweeted a series of anti-Muslim videos originally shared on Twitter by a far-right British extremist. The videos purport to show violence by Muslims, but at least one of the videos has been shown to be inaccurate and the others appear designed to be inflammatory by omitting crucial context. Twitter on Friday retracted the initial explanation it gave for why the controversial videos were allowed to remain on the site — but the company insisted that the videos are fine anyway and do not cross the bounds of what it considers permissible. Originally, the social network had said that the tweets violated its rules, but it had made an active decision to allow them anyway because of their newsworthiness. But there seems to have been some confusion at Twitter. The company has now retracted that explanation and said that the videos don’t violate its rules after all — sparking concern over the company’s application of its rules given its well-documented harassment problem. “To clarify: these videos are not being kept up because they are newsworthy or for public interest. Rather, these videos are permitted on Twitter based on our current media policy,” the company’s official Safety account tweeted.

Le premier texto du monde a 25 ans ! Le premier SMS a été envoyé le 3 décembre 1992 par l’ingénieur Neil Papworth. Neil Papworth avait envoyé le message à un de ses collègues, Richard Jarvis. Neil Papworth a tapé le message “Merry Chrismas” depuis son ordinateur et l’a envoyé sur le téléphone de Richard Javis. C’est Matti Makkonen qui avait été le premier à suggérer l’idée d’un ‘texto’ en 1984 lors d’une conférence sur les télécommunications.

Throughout Donald Trump’s candidacy and subsequent presidency, many have argued over whether or not Trump’s tweets matter. the White House has declared that tweets from both Trump’s personal account are in fact official statements. his tweets clearly matter to our allies. Members of Britain’s House of Commons raised a point of order on Wednesday in outrage over Trump’s tweets. That’s because he retweeted a post from Britain First, a group founded by the fascist British National Party.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders may not be doing much home cooking these days, but Thanksgiving afternoon, she proved she’s still capable of banging out a chocolate pecan pie that bears a curious resemble to a stock image.

Twitter and Facebook will reportedly tell Congress this week that Russia’s election meddling on their platforms was wider than originally reported. Twitter will say that over 30 thousand Russia-linked accounts generated 1.4 million tweets during the campaign. Facebook will follow that, by saying nearly 126 million people were exposed to content tied to Russia-linked accounts.

President Trump’s Twitter account @realDonaldTrump disappeared for several minutes Thursday evening.
No one was immediately sure why.
The account, which Trump has used since 2009, was restored after about three minutes.
It does not appear the account was suspended by Twitter for violating any rules

President Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account briefly disappeared. It is unclear why. President Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account appeared to be offline on Thursday at around 7:00 p.m. eastern time. The account was restored several minutes later, but many on Twitter took note of the account’s disappearance. Trump’s account, which has over 41 million followers, is the main account he uses to disseminate statements and attack his critics.

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