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4th Screen Advertising – Rich Media Mobile Ads Showreel

Advertising Mobile LED Signs, LED Signs, Mobile Billboards, LED Displays

Video provides the new or newly-engaged mobile advertiser/publisher a primer to this eco-system called “Mobile Advertising” specifically Performance Based Advertising on a mobile device.

Topics Covered:
What is mobile performance-based advertising?
Performance-based pricing models
Cost per action (CPA)
Cost per Call
Cost per Click (CPC)
Mobile pay per click
Cost per mille (CPM)
The Mobile Ad Networks
Blind Ad Networks
Premium-Blind Ad Networks
Premium Ad Networks
List of Ad Networks from Cindy Krum: (Krum)
Performance Based Networks
Where to find mobile optimized offers?
List of CPA Networks with mobile optimized offers
Putting it all together.
Company to Consumer:
Individual to CPA Network:
Company to CPA Network:
CPA Network to CPA Network Affiliates:
CPA Network Affiliate to Consumer:
Mobile Ad Network to Consumer:
Consumer to Company:

Multivariate testing (or ‘multi testing’) is an advanced form of A/B split testing. This is a killer strategy to ad effectiveness. LeadBoltApps is now the first Mobile Ad Network to offer this advanced feature, enabling App Developers and Publishers to improve their eCPM revenue from apps!

Multivariate testing involves setting up alternate versions of text, colours and other visual assets and then testing all combinations simultaneously to determine the highest performing ad settings for your users. The results are often surprising and unexpected.

Jio Phone 3 Launch Date,Price, Features | How To Book Jio Phone 3 | Jio Phone 3 Features and Price
HI friends I am Subhan and you are watchin Tech Subhan.

About the video:
In this video we will talk about the cheapest smartphone will launched by Jio.We will talk about Jio phone 3,Jio phone 3 features,Jio phone 3 launch date and Jio phone 3 price.I will tell you all about this phone.

Other quarries solved in this video:
1.Is Jio Phone 3 launch?
2.When Jio phone 3launch?
3.What are the features of Jio phone 3?
4.Is Jio phone 3 will launch ?



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