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Buying at the dry goods market

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A compilation of the messages sent in the Ericsson Money videobooth at Barrio Fiesta sa London

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Question by simond2000: How much money do mobile phone retailers get for connecting a new customer to a phone network (t-mob, 02,etc)?
Hi, i was thinking about starting my own mobile phone store and was wondering how much money a store like this would make for connecting customers to phone networks.

I am curious because of all the ’12 months free line rental’ cashback schemes and ‘free games consoles’ i see stores promoting (mainly online), the connection fee must be pretty good of they can do such offers right?

Thanks in advance guys!

Best answer:

Answer by wilfred b
approx first 6 months payments

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Roshan cell tower server room

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The coldest place in the village – the cell tower server room

Baker interviews

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Baker interviews

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Lumber yard interviews

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Grain market

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