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question of Ciccino B : Who is “Someone else”
I am a non-native English speakers from outside the U.S., not well educated. Excuse me for my reckless English schriftlich.Everytime I get laid off, saying regulators “You are still young and have good talent. Someone else going to give you a better job.” 15 years ago I was on a small construction company working as a construct for 5 years gemietet.Mein job was easy as driling and implementation Materialien.Zusammen with the company bussiness getting bigger, she put more workers and bought large machinery (driling & performing much faster than humans). But a few years later it was fade business and they began the dismissal of many workers, including mir.Sie still had as many jobs as they described 5 years ago, but they have great machinery and no longer needed as many workers as before 5 Jahren.Der Supervisor me that as they call it “restructuring” Then he said: “.. You’re still young and have good talent Anyone else going to give you better job” at So I checked ad on newspapers, a new job finden.Ich found new job as a welder. a large car-maker-Werk.Ich worked as a welder for 4 years, but they bought what they “weldering robot” (Weldering much faster than humans) nennen.So drew me and other assembly line. Of course they have the reward of a year, she bought us geschnitten.Nach automated assembly machine and called for voluntary Ruhestand.Der supervisor said, “You are still young and have good talent Someone else going to give you a better job.” Fortunately. I Commercial Vehicle license and got a job as a short distance truck drivers between parts factory manufacturing and assembly plant auto-maker.Ich worked as a driver for 5 years. But what she has called “financial crisis” and the auto-maker I have also worked for some of their works to schließen.Da get them to do what they call “cost-cutting and restructuring”, they are planning to parts of the system near assembly plant to build and use automated transfer system between ihnen.Nun, I’m ready to hear: “You’re still young and have good talent Someone else going to give you a better job.” wieder.Wer is next “Someone else” for me to be? Machines? I used to buy products from which I work, but without a job, which I can not afford, products that make it not more ….. and I do not think that I can pay for internet fee answear until I get …. I have lots of “Someone else” mich.Ich am recently sending New Year’s cards to my friends with with my mobile phone. “Someone else sends their tickets by mail, post-man will not lose their jobs “….. I read news on the Internet, so I do not subscribe to any newspaper or magazine.” Someone else subscribe to newspapers and magazines, so newspaper company not go out of their business. “I will lose my job soon and cut my costs.” Someone else will spend money and new jobs “….. nooooooooooo I’m the one who create my own work this time! And no one who the “Someone else” says Best answer:.

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question of Emma H : My mother tells me to move, so I left and after 2 hours, the phones they tell the police that I am ‘missing’. HELP!
I’m 13th My mother is constantly tellin me to move out of the house, and I quote, “go and live somewhere else, because I hate you” so i grab some money and walk away without looking back. Obviously, I was in front, again a few hours later, the planning, I just went for a long walk. 2 hours later I call her from a pay phone (because my phone does not work). She was on the phone. The machine ate my money – and I cried again. I called three times wasting £ 3 and it was still on the phone. I had a walk around the shops and bought her a picture of Audrey Hepburn in order to break the ice. I tried to call them back (still on the phone). Off now, after 1 hour 30 minutes of trying, she finally had to call the phone and picked up. They picked me up and told me she would call the police. They came around and I had about all she had said to me before, and they went away thinkin she was lying a gr8 parent company. A scared parent their child saftley worried when they see the one who was kicking me out HELP Best Answer:

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