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Question by : How can I frankenstein my laptop?
I’ve had this incredible little Toshiba for about five years now and I want to turn it into something crazy. I’d like to start recording my music as well as play games. I could buy a new computer but I thought this would be a fun project. It is my personal opinion that this computer could be quite the little beast if I put the time and money into it.
It’s a Satellite A205
Processor is Intel Pentium Dual CPU T2330 @ 1.60GHz, only 1 GB of RAM running on a 32-bit operating system.

I know that I’ll need more RAM (at least 4 GB), a new video/graphics card, a new processor and I’d be willing to bet that I’ll benefit greatly from an external hard drive. I am anticipating this thing to turn into a non-mobile machine.
I’m not exactly computer savvy. I just want tips and to make sure that I’m not going to blow my laptop up or something. In other words; can it handle all of the things that I plan on doing to it or is it even worth my time?

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Answer by Bob Smith
There’s no point since it wouldn’t be able to handle very high quality graphics. It would be a waste of time.

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Question by Albert V: What makes more money? Mobile car wash, pressure cleaning houses or cutting grass for a weekend side job?
I’m looking on making some extra cash for the summer and wanted to know what would be the best route to take any suggestion? Also for insurance how much would that be if the customer demands me to have insurance?

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Answer by Teal
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Question by Postal-Delivery: Money and Bank Accounts, Any Need To Worry In This Situation?
It’s about 11pm now. I just listened to an answer machine message on my mobile phone that I recieved around 9 am from a woman telling me that a transaction was invalid, of around £50. They said something about a ‘Trust Card’, and I don’t know what that is. But I can’t remember (but I’m pretty sure I haven’t) making a payment, one single payment recently. I’ve spent quite a lot recently, but last time I checked, around a week ago there was around £170 in my account. What I want to ask is whether this is something to be concerned about. The caller sounded quite formal, and left a number, although didn’t state a company or bank name. Bearing in mind that the number I’m using is a relatives number, but I’ve had this number for about 7 years. Any tips/advice?
Sorry I am unable to check my bank account online.

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Answer by MVD34
I would be very careful…sounds like a scam to me. Banks and other financial institutions always leave identifying info so that you can call them indirectly.

Which is what I recommend you do…

Can you check your banking online now? If so do it. If you don’t see anything “wrong,” wait. Assume the phone message is a scam.

Does your bank list a customer service number? Is it available on the weekend?

When you call your bank, don’t go into any details…just say that you received a call that might be a scam…but you want to verify with someone at the bank that your account is in good standing and that they have not tried to contact you.

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This campaign came at a time when Safaricom( is celebrating its 10th ceremony of immense success. It covers every bit of the journey Safaricom has been through to get where it is today as the country’s leading telecoms operator.
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Question by InGodWeTrust: Is The X Factor profiting £Millions off Children. Targeting Kids Mobile phone Bills with acts like Jedward?
With the results of the voting astonishing the Judges, a vast majority of the commentors on the Xfactor Website as well as the Studio audience
(most notably the preliferation of votes for the John & Edward duo)

What is going on here?

Do we need to look at demographics?

1. The Judges have an average age of let’s say 42.

2. Based on most of the feedback I saw over the last few days on the Comments sections of most of the subjects on the XFactor site ( Before they shut it down due to the 95+ negative discussions about the
XFactor Brand ). I figure that the average age of those contributing was probably 25 – 40. i.e. relatively mature debates with many talked about their ‘kids’ voting habits.

3. The Studio audience (who have all very visibly/audibly been anti-Jedward) I imagine are a majority of 16 – 25 year olds?

All 3 of the above groups have been unexplanably surprised by the vast amount of votes that have been keeping Jedward in.

So the question presents itself : Where have all these votes for Jedward been coming from. Obviously by the hundreds and hundreds of thousands…

Now My Conspiracy theory:

I’ve heard it a few times over the last decade about the argueably immoral targeting of Children as they are the “New Consumers”. i.e. they have a significantly higher access to money than we ever did as very young teenagers. Let’s say 9 to 14 years old.

Could it be this type of Demographic age group that is responsible for the reasoning defying amount of votes the 17, 18 year old kids have been getting on Xfactor.

Is Simon Cowell basically getting incredibly wealthy on a weekly basis due to the Financially Immature 9 -15 year olds in the UK. Are there some horrific phones bills being through at Parents of these children due to their uncontrollable urge to Vote, Vote, Vote… over and over and over again?? like some Video Game? This Article says that 50% of children between the age of 5 and 9 own a mobile…
Has his corporate machine figured out how to tap a good £400,000 a week out of this “young” revenue source??

I realise I could be taking some unfounded leaps of faith here and also presenting may ideas at once … but really…

What is the Demographic of the Average voters on XFactor?
Is in fact XFactor Targeting Children through Mass Media, Is that Acceptable in modern Society ????
Didn’t Cigarette, Candy, Cereal Companies etc… get in trouble for doing the same??

Should some place like OFCOM look into Demographics, Age of the Voters for XFactor and can they make a call as whether it’s “Morrally acceptable” Could they do anything anyway??

Any Investigative Journalists on here who can pick this up and run with it? Is this a Dud or a Stud?

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Answer by Westbrom
I REALLY suggest you try and get out more.

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The hip-hop star and Dawn Richard and Kalenna Harper give the scoop on their new group. Plus, see Diddy try to swoon Chelsea!
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