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Question by : Where can I sign up to help elderly to make money in mobile al?
I want to make some money and I’m 13! Really anything that I can sign up for to make money in mobile!

Best answer:

Answer by Rick B
Sign up? What does that mean?

To make money at your age you can mow lawns, babysit, wash cars, pull weeds, walk dogs, or do chores for elderly neighbors and relatives.

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Fabric seller interview

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Roshan poster


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The quickest way to make the next interview

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Question by Ice: How to stop wasting my money on mobile phones?
I am always browsing phones and getting tempted by every new gadget I work hard all day long in my job but i keep spending all my money on these high end smartphone I which I don’t even use any advise on how to stop spending a lot of money on mobile phones thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by kat
get a new phone with a different cheaper company or just get a new plan =]

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